Every fortnight (usually on a Friday) a school newsletter is prepared for parents and sent home with the eldest child in each family.

The newsletter contains information about coming events and other educational activities happening at the school. Local community groups also use the newsletter to promote activities and share information.

To access the current newsletter or previous editions please click on the relevant highlighted link below. 


Term 3

Term 3, Week 2

Term 2

Term 2, Week 10

Term 2, Week 8

Term 2, Week 6

Term 2, Week 4

Term 2, Week 2

Term 1

Term 1, Week 10

Term 1, Week 8

Term 1, Week 6

Term 1, Week 4

Term 1, Week 2


The school maintains a Facebook page that can be accessed at:

Other News

Additional information is communicated to parents via diary entries, letters and class notes. The medium depends on the purpose, audience and urgency of the communication.