Drugs and Medicines

Teachers cannot accept responsibility for the administration of medication, however staff may assist under some circumstances.

Medication must be contained in the original bottle/dispenser, clearly marked with the child’s name and accompanied by a letter detailing outlining the required dosage and frequency.

Medication and associated documentation must be left at the front office.

Infectious Diseases

Children with infectious diseases such as the flu, measles, chicken pox etc should be kept at home until the infectious period has passed and the child has physically recovered.

Periods of Exclusion

Chicken Pox

Children are excluded for at least one week after the appearance of spots.

Measles, Mumps & Rubella

Children are excluded until fully recovered or at least one week after the onset of symptoms.

Whooping Cough

Children are excluded for at least five days after starting treatment.

Head Lice, Ringworm & Scabies

Children can be re-admitted to school on the day after appropriate treatment has commenced.

School Sores

Children are excluded until appropriate treatment has commenced. When returning to school, any sore on an exposed surface must be covered with a dressing.