Ensuring Student Well-Being

Student well-being is a high priority at Yahl Primary School. We demonstrate this commitment through

  • the employment of a Pastoral Care Worker for 11 hours per week to work with children, staff and families who are in need of support
  • the conduct of a Breakfast Club. Our Breakfast Club operates three times per week ( Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Parent and student volunteers prepare and serve a warm drink, juice, cereal and toast. The food is generously donated by our local Foodbank so there is no cost to children or the school. Our Breakfast Club is not promoted as a place to go if you have no food, but rather a place socialise, get out of the weather and enjoy a chat with an adult or other children
  • our active participation in ‘What’s the Buzz?’ – a social skills enrichment programme for primary students. This 16 lesson highly structured, role-play and play-based program is designed to teach children how-to think socially and how-to make friendships work; and
  • implementation of Deep Speak. This program focusses on a set of 120 questions that build rich conversations about some of life’s big questions, and some of the little quirky ones as well; and
  • provision of well-being support by our SSOs to those children who they work closely with on a daily basis.

All staff and SSOs have had training with Autism SA and have attended other well-being and behaviour coaching courses.