Yahl Primary School Governing Council


The Yahl Primary School Governing Council meets regularly and all parents are eligible to be nominated as members.

Council members are elected for a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting held every February.

The Council has a membership of up to 15 people parent representatives, the Principal and at least one staff representative.


The role of the Governing Council is to:

  • exercise a general oversight over the well-being of the school
  • advise the Principal as necessary, on the correlation between the work of the school and the educational needs of the district
  • note the accommodation, grounds and equipment provided at the school and advise the Chief Executive Officer, through the Principal, of any alterations, additions and replacements considered necessary
  • decide on the distribution of any grant monies made to the school by the Minister by agreement with the Principal. Where agreement cannot be reached, the matter shall be referred to the Chief Executive Officer for a decision and his decision shall be final
  • consider in broad outline the general education policy within the school, of which the Principal shall keep the Governing Council continuously informed
  • advise the Principal of the considered view of the local community regarding educational developments within the school; and
  • carry out such duties as are prescribed by these regulations or required by the Minister.


Mr Bradley Crisp

Vice Chairperson

Mrs Monique Tucker


Ms Donna Sard


Mrs Fiona Laube


Mrs Christine Morrison

Staff Representative

Mrs Kylie Cook

Parent Representatives

Ms Kristy Guppy

Mrs Kerry Ruwoldt

Mrs Donna-Lee Elletson

Mrs Cristy Crouch