Volunteering Opportunities

Yahl Primary School highly values the contribution that parents/caregivers and members of the broader community make to creating a rich, dynamic and successful school.

The roles that volunteers can perform include:

  • Classroom support – Volunteers support classroom activities when requested by the class teacher. The class teacher provides guidance regards to the role of volunteers.
  • Transport of students – Volunteers assist with the transport of students to support their attendance at sporting events, excursions and other school events such as choir. Volunteers are required to provide the appropriate documentation before undertaking this role.
  • Camps and excursions – Volunteers assist teachers with supervision and student pastoral care needs. A description of activities is provided to volunteers when they are scheduled.
  • Sport – Volunteers assist with the coaching and management of sporting teams.
  • Governing Council – Governing Council is a consultative group that meets twice a term to discuss issues pertaining to the operation of the school.
  • Working bees – Volunteers contribute their time and energy to a range of school development and maintenance projects. Working bees are held on a needs basis.
The Yahl Primary School Volunteer Policy and Procedure provides the framework for all volunteer involvement.